Digital Memories: What if I Lose Them?

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 9.08.45 AMIn this age of digital photographs and videos, it is easy to lose these precious memories.  As a crazy picture taking photog, I photograph thousands of pictures.  I take many videos as well.  Yet, I don’t make hard copies of everything.  Losing any of these would be sad, but after losing my son, I worry often about a loss.

We had a computer crash just a few months after Nolan died.  It’s been almost three years and I haven’t had the information recovered.  I hope to try after the holidays.  I’m not sure if the stuff can be saved, but I know there are videos on that laptop.  Oh how I would love to have them.

I was just watching this particular video and it made me worried that I don’t have it saved somewhere permanent.  I saved it to my Facebook page from my laptop that crashed.  But what if Facebook deletes it.  I’m going to save it here, but it is linked to my Facebook page.  I tried downloading it to my laptop, but it didn’t work.  Sigh.



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  1. I couldn’t agree more. When my firstborn arrived we took many photos all are sitting in albums in my wardrobe to look at when I choose. When Órla came I too took lots of photos but this time digitally of course all were download to my then computer but as the computer was updated and switched to laptops I somehow lost them. Luckily I sent my parents many and I retrieved them from my dads old computer and my eldest had taken lots of her sister on her phone as she was 9 when Orla arrived. Now Órla’s gone they mean so much to me. I also found videos Órla made herself on her iPad and playbook I keep meaning to save them on my main computer……..

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