Addiction, a Poem

Originally published on my blog on Bubblews on December 21, 2013

The first drink, puff, hit, touch

Seemingly innocent, harmless.

Never knowing the harrowing road

That will rise up to meet you.

Easing the pain, escapism,

Pleasure seeking, necessary,

Self-loathing, acceptance,

The physical need drives you.

Powerless as it begins to control

Overwhelmed by the desire.

The thoughts interfere

Daily life becomes a struggle.

Fighting the urge

Giving in.

Wanting to stop

Unable to.

Spiraling downward the abyss beckons.

The ease with which you give up frightens.

The pleasure is no longer pleasing.

The need now owns you.

What happened to the innocent?

Why is it no longer harmless?

Why did this harrowing road

Lead to addiction?


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