Nolan, The Artist

Originally published on Bubblews on December 31, 2013

From the time he was very little, Nolan was drawing. The first picture that I saved was called “Kitty Cat.” No, it doesn’t look like a kitty cat, he was less than two when he drew it. His talent grew and grew. Before long, he was making up painting, making up stories, creating songs, and writing poetry. He would sketch the things he saw in nature: birds, trees, flowers. He would make up silly cartoons full of total boy humor. He would create drawings of his faith: Jesus on the cross, Abraham looking at the stars, Mary, the saints. We even have video of him drawing with his feet. His creativity never ceased to amaze me. He was truly an artist.

The picture I am sharing is my photo of a painting of Nolan’s. One day, I took the children to a park with paints and paper. They each did amazing things that day. Nolan chose to pain the ducks on the pond. I have this hanging in my kitchen.


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