The Significance of this Date (November 20, 2014)

I doubt anyone else recognizes the significance of this day. My husband won’t. Heck, he doesn’t even remember the name of the condition that killed our son. So I doubt he would realize why November 20, 2014 is a significant day to me.

Today is the day that Liam: Nolan’s baby brother, best buddy, partner in crime became older than him. Nolan’s little brother who was born nearly two years after him is now older than he ever will be.

Nolan is frozen in time at the age of thirteen. He died nine days after his birthday. We don’t know what time because it happened during his sleep. We just know that he was gone when we went to wake him.

Liam turned thirteen nine days ago.

He has now lived longer than Nolan.

Nolan will be forever thirteen while Liam grows and experiences life. Liam will get to do all the things that Nolan never will.


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  1. Judy says:

    My firstborn child – he died at the age of five and is still frozen in time. I’ve used those exact same words. I remember when my surviving son surpassed his age – yes, it was strange. Suddenly the younger brother was my oldest. I find it interesting – November 20th is my youngest child’s birthday. I am so sorry about Liam’s passing in his sleep. There are no words to describe the anguish of losing your beloved child and all the dreams that went with him. None. It’s good that you are able to write these feelings. I didn’t for many years – but when I did, it helped me tremendously. So sorry for what you’ve gone through.

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    1. I can’t even bring myself to call Liam the oldest…. even though he is now, but i just always call him the older.

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  2. Amanda says:

    I lost a friend of mine November 20th 2010, she was 15 years old and she dropped dead, cardiac arrest, after drinking, doing cocaine, and sitting in a hot tub. Also, my best friends birthday is November 20th. How strange. I dont have any kids so I cant even imagine what you have been going through. Sending you love and light from California.


    1. Thank you Amanda. It’s a rough journey that i’ve been thrust into… I appreciate your love and light!


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