Closing My Eyes, a Poem of Grief

I originally shared this poem on Bubblews on April 28, 2014

The images come at me

Too hard, too fast

I close my eyes

Hoping they will pass

My eyes shut tight

Hands over my face

Screams in my head

Hoping to erase

I hear the words

From that morning

I try to shut my ears

To forget that warning

I’m like a child

Trying to ignore

What is sadly real

What happened before

A word slips through

A vision intrudes

Shutting my eyes

Want to forget what I viewed

The memory insists

Upon staying quite near

The images, the sounds

I continue to hear

Shutting my eyes

Does nothing to help me

Reality pervades

Forever in my memory



One Comment Add yours

  1. This scares me and makes wonder just what you were shutting out. I was definitely draw in. Well done!


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