One of those Moments that a Grieving Person Can Understand

12189360_10153674268887278_8059134069674235858_oI almost titled this grieving parent, not person, but I realized that in this circumstance anyone grieving for a loss of a loved one would understand this particular post.

I was reading through my previous post and glanced at the photograph of my children which shows my surviving 4 children holding a photo of my lost son.   I had one of those moments where I got a slight chill and thought to myself, “No, no way is this possible.  He must be alive!”

It happens more often than you would think, that sort of moment.  That moment when you just feel like it is impossible that this person you love so much is actually gone… Forever.

My initial thoughts as I looked at my beautiful children were just that:  Gosh, my children are beautiful!  That was my first thought.  Then my eyes landed upon the photo within the photo, the photo of my wonderful, beautiful son, Nolan.  And my heart hurt, my soul, my core.

How could this child be taken from me?   How can it be 3 years since I have heard him tell me he loves me?  How can it be 3 years since I have seen him laugh at something new?

It truly never gets any easier or better after losing a child.


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