The World is Scary

As a grieving mother, I have joined numerous grieving parent groups on Facebook.  That has been where I received much of my support after losing Nolan.  The death of a child is something so horrific and unimaginable that only another parent who has experienced it can truly understand.   So I’ve joined a few groups….

I No Longer Like Sleeping Photos

I have taken a vast amount of photographs of my children sleeping through my motherhood years.  I’ve always loved to see their precious, innocent faces while they sleep. I feel differently now. When I look at the sleeping photos of all five of my children, I cannot help but be reminded of finding Nolan dead…

Spiraling Nowhere

We tried to do what was right for our family, in the beginning.  We followed those parenting books pretty closely with number one. Classical music was often playing in our home (it makes kids smart, you know.)  Television time was limited (more than 30 minutes a day will rot their brains!)   Fast food was…

You Shouldn’t Be Dead

I see your friends celebrating their birthdays, most of them turning 16.  I see them getting gifts and drivers’ permits.  I see them going to school dances and parties. I hear people talking about the gifts from God and the way He blesses them.  Miracles and the like. And I think it is all bullshit….