Off-Topic, But HEY, I Love my kids…

Thoughts on social media and kids:

Sometimes I wonder if, as parents, we should encourage our kiddos to post less on social media. Not necessarily for the reason you may think… I’m thinking of how many times kids get their feelings hurt over friendships and popularity and everyone hanging out without inviting so and so…. I’m thinking how, as an adult, sometimes my feelings may be hurt if i see that Friend A is ALWAYS spending time with Friend B and not including me. but…. I’m a grown-up, so I can handle it and understand that friends do not always have time for each other. I’m a grown-up and try to know not to let every little thing get to me personally. But… Kids? Kids are still learning and growing and maturing and way-more-emotional! And I think… it’s a learning process. Even I have been guilty of posting pictures of my kids with other kids and nothing of other kids who maybe weren’t at that particular activity. I don’t know. I have been thinking a LOT about how negative of an effect that social media can have on all lives. I struggle with just tuning out even for an evening… So I know kids do as well. I was thinking about how, as kids, you might hear a rumor that Kids A,B, and C spent the night together and you (kid D) weren’t invited…. But it wasn’t posted all over social media to be rubbed in your face…  Sometimes it REALLY seems so IN YOUR FACE.   And because of this, I’ve tried so hard to be less IN YOUR FACE.

IN FACT, my 13 and 15 year olds had birthday parties recently.  And I made a specific effort to not share photos on Facebook from the parties… I didn’t want any hurt feelings if someone wasn’t invited.  I’m learning . Like I said…. it’s a struggle for me sometimes too. But as time passes, I’m seeing the negative side-effects to all the PUBLICITY of all the friend drama.  Because let’s remember:  there’s friend drama in your childhood… but wow, it is way worse nowadays when you have kids who just post stuff over and over again.

I was recently informed by one of my children’s doctor’s that my child admitted to suicidal thoughts to him.  And I thought of all the drama that kids go through.  And it made me really sad.   And it has made me just really second guess everything….  I hate technology.  I really do.  It has so much negativity



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