Chronic Health Issues after Trauma

13923808_10154346608352278_2290716312083425001_oI read an interested article recently on how children who suffered from something traumatic often had chronic health issues in adulthood.  It makes a lot of sense to me.  Honestly, I think anyone who has suffered from something severe enough to call it PTSD will suffer chronically somehow.

Since Nolan’s death, I have been ill way more often than I used to be.  I often just feel icky.  I remember the summer of 2013, just 6-8 months after he died, I had the WORST cold that lasted months.   Since then, it’s been number of things for me health wise.

The whole thing seems pretty unfair, doesn’t it?  I mean, first, I have to suffer from losing my son.  Then I have to suffer in my health because of the stress from it.  And my children, who knows how they will suffer later from it.  I worry about them often.

Children are resilient, but seeing your brother dead is something so traumatic.  Knowing he went to bed “healthy” is such a big factor too.  I know they think about it sometimes.  They have to.  When I was a kid and I had NOT suffered from something traumatic, I often went to bed scared that I might die in my sleep.  Oh maybe not “often,” but sometimes.



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  1. Judy says:

    This is absolutely true. I’ve known many grieving parents that have gotten sick – our health is wrecked my grief. Such a sad burden to carry when there’s already such a heavy load.
    Sometimes to toll comes after several years. I think it’s important that you shared this. It’s hard to take care of ourselves when the emotional pain is overwhelming, but it’s important.
    Thinking of you.

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  2. thank you! yes, i’ve been feeling ill again this week, something new. seems like it is always something new…. i struggle to stay positive when i feel so sick


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